[Sensors 2019] HiFinger: One-handed text entry technique for virtual environments based on touches between fingers


We present a text entry technique called HiFinger, which is an eyes-free, one-handed wearable text entry technique for immersive virtual environments by thumb-to-fingers touch. This technique enables users to input text quickly, accurately, and comfortably with the sense of touch and a two-step input mode. It is especially suitable for mobile scenarios where users need to move (such as walking) in virtual environments. Various input signals can be triggered by moving the thumb towards ultra-thin pressure sensors placed on other fingers. After acquiring the comfort range of the touch between the thumb and other fingers, six placement modes for text entry are designed and tested, resulting in an optimal placement mode that leverages six pressure sensors for the text entry and two for the control function. A three-day study is conducted to evaluate the proposed technique, and experimental results show that novices can achieve an average text entry efficiency of 9.82 words per minute (WPM) in virtual environments based on head-mounted displays after a training period of 25 min.

In Sensors
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Zhenliang Zhang
Zhenliang Zhang
Research Scientist of AI

My research interests include wearable computing, machine learning, Cognitive Reasoning, and mixed/virtual reality.