Dr. Zhang is a full-time research scientist at Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI). He received his Ph.D. degree (‘19) from Beijing Institute of Technology advised by Prof. Yongtian Wang, and also worked as a visiting Ph.D. student advised by Prof. Song-Chun Zhu at the Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning, and Autonomy (VCLA) of UCLA. His research interest is currently focused on reinforcement learning, embodied artificial intelligence, autonomous robots, and symmetrical reality.

  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Autonomous Robots
  • Mixed/Virtual Reality
  • Symmetrical Reality
  • PhD in Optical Engineering, 2019

    Beijing Institute of Technology

  • Joint PhD in Statistics, 2019

    University of California, Los Angeles

  • BSc in Electronic Science&Technology, 2013

    Beijing Institute of Technology

Recent Publications

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[VR 2024] On the Emergence of Symmetrical Reality
[Engineering 2023] The tong test: Evaluating artificial general intelligence through dynamic embodied physical and social interactions
[Virtual Reality 2023] DexHand: dexterous hand manipulation motion synthesis for virtual reality
[Engineering 2023] A reconfigurable data glove for reconstructing physical and virtual grasps


Symmetrical Reality Project
A Project of Symmetrical Reality.
Robot Learning Project
A Project of Robot Leraning.
Mixed Reality Project
A Project of Mixed Reality.


Please feel free to contact me at office hours.

  • 2 Summer Palace Road, Beijing 100080
  • Weekday 09:00 to 18:00
    Weekend 12:00 to 16:00