[IROS 2020] Graph-based hierarchical knowledge representation for robot task transfer from virtual to physical world

We study the hierarchical knowledge transfer problem using a cloth-folding task, wherein the agent is first given a set of human demonstrations in the virtual world using an Oculus Headset, and later transferred and validated on a physical Baxter robot.

[VR 2020] Extracting and transferring hierarchical knowledge to robots using virtual reality

We study the knowledge transfer problem by training the task of folding clothes in the virtual world using an Oculus Headset and validating with a physical Baxter robot. We argue such complex transfer is realizable if an abstract graph-based …

[ICRA 2019] High-fidelity grasping in virtual reality using a glove-based system

This paper presents a design that jointly provides hand pose sensing, hand localization, and haptic feedback to facilitate real-time stable grasps in Virtual Reality (VR). The design is based on an easy-to-replicate glove-based system that can …

[TURC 2019] VRGym: A virtual testbed for physical and interactive AI

We propose VRGym, a virtual reality testbed for realistic human-robot interaction. Different from existing toolkits and virtual reality environments, the VRGym emphasizes on building and training both physical and interactive agents for robotics, machine learning, and cognitive science.

Robot Learning Project

A Project of Robot Leraning.