[VR 2021] Symmetrical cognition between physical humans and virtual agents

In this paper, we discuss the cognition problem from some perspectives, i.e., attention, perception, pattern recognition, and communication.

[ISMAR 2020] Machine intelligence matters: Rethink human-robot collaboration based on symmetrical reality

We introduce the contents of the symmetrical reality-based human-robot collaboration and interpret the humanrobot collaboration from the perspective of equivalent interaction.

[ISMAR 2020] Understanding physical common sense in symmetrical reality

We emphasize the bi-directional mechanical control within the symmetrical reality framework and why free wills of machines can break the common sense.

Symmetrical Reality Project

A Project of Symmetrical Reality.

[VR 2019] Symmetrical reality: Toward a unified framework for physical and virtual reality

In this paper, we review the background of physical reality, virtual reality, and some traditional mixed forms of them. Based on the current knowledge, we propose a new unified concept called symmetrical reality to describe the physical and virtual …

[ISMAR 2018] Inverse augmented reality: A virtual agent's perspective

We propose a framework called inverse augmented reality (IAR) which describes the scenario that a virtual agent living in the virtual world can observe both virtual objects and real objects. This is different from the traditional augmented reality. …

[VR 2018] Inverse virtual reality: Intelligence-driven mutually mirrored world

Since artificial intelligence has been integrated into virtual reality, a new branch of virtual reality, which is called inverse virtual reality (IVR), is created. A typical IVR system contains both the intelligence-driven virtual reality and the …